Eligibility Rules

Entrants can be HDDC Members or Non-members. Separate Fees Apply.

Entrants should be located in Crook, Deschutes or Jefferson County. Projects should be within a 500 mile radius of Bend, Oregon.

Entrants may submit work done independently or as a group. For Group entries, all members of the group must meet the eligibility rules.

Work must have been completed after January 1st, 2015. Work that is in the conceptual phase (i.e. not constructed) is eligible.

Projects may be entered multiple categories; for example, a home remodel may be entered into the Residential Remodel category, and the dining table may be entered into the Furniture Design category. Separate registrations are required for each.

All submissions must be the work of the person(s) responsible for the project submitted, including all digital and physical presentations, including renderings and display boards. If the entrant is responsible for only certain parts of a larger project, only the portion designed by the qualified entrant may be submitted. For example, the designer of a custom outdoor fireplace cannot submit the entire backyard landscape that was designed by others. However, the fireplace designer and the landscape designer may submit the backyard including the fireplace as a group entry.

All submissions must be in the format designated by the HDDC. Read further for details regarding the format. Submissions that do not comply will be tossed out. Sorry, but we have to keep this process simple for the sake of our volunteers.

Each entrant must have permission from their photographer and client. By signing the registration form entrants authorize the HDDC to use photographs, submitted materials and design content in publicity releases, Facebook, website, and other media etc.

All submitted work must be original and not based on any pre-existing design.

If you have any questions about eligibility, contact thehddc@gmail.com.


Commercial Architectural - Commercial building, new construction. No limit on square feet.

Commercial Interior Design - Commercial interior, new construction. No limit on square feet.

Commercial Architectural Remodel - Existing commercial building remodel. No limit on square feet.

Commercial Interior Design Remodel - Commercial building, interior aspects only.

Residential Architectural - Residential building new construction. No limit on square feet.

Residential Interior Design - Residential building new construction. Entire home interior or an individual room may be submitted. No limit on square feet.

Functional Art - Artistic objects of utility or everyday use. For example: Pottery, clothing, lighting, etc. (other than furniture).

Furniture Design - Individual furniture piece or suite.

Landscape Design - An outdoor space. May include partially roofed areas (pergolas, gazebos).

Custom Fabrication - Permanently built-in object. For example: a custom firepit, built-in wine cellar/cabinet, custom door design, interior water feature, etc.

Product Design - Original invention, object or commodity intended for people to use or put into service. For example: a toy, gadget or device, improvement on an existing product, etc. 

Repurpose/Upcycle - Objects or spaces incorporating objects that have been repurposed or up-cycled. ("Repurpose" The use of something for a purpose other than its original intended use by modifying it to fit a new use, or by using the item as is in a new way. "Up-cycling" The process of converting waste, low quality objects or materials at the end of their useful life into new materials or products of better quality or a higher value.)

Categories may be changed as deemed necessary by the HDDC. If this occurs, affected entrants will be notified.

If you are unsure about what category your projects fits in, contact thehddc@gmail.com and we will get it figured out.

Submission requirements

Registration form and entry fee must be uploaded to the Submittable website: https://www.submittable.com/ by midnight, October 12th. Once you have completed the form and paid your fee, a confirmation email will be sent to you with upload instructions to submit your project. It is your responsibility to get confirmation that the HDDC has received your submission. We will do our best to make sure we’ve received all entries, but it’s a big job, your help is needed. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, contact thehddc@gmail.com.

Submissions must be in PDF format and uploaded electronically by October 12th midnight. This process is easy, if you can upload pictures to Facebook, you can do this. If you need more help, contact Debbie Piper at (541) 280-4446.

Submissions must be in a 24”x36”sheet format, maximum of two sheets, landscape or portrait. A template will be provided for you to make it easy. But you can create your own if you like. The same format accomplishes two goals: 1. It makes the projects easy to judge and 2. It will help entrants meet the requirements and have a better chance of winning.

NO NAMES, COMPANIES OR OTHERWISE IDENTIFYING SIGNATURES. All the submissions must be kept anonymous to ensure fair judging.


Your 24”x36” sheet should include following:

  • A written statement: A statement of the project including the design problem and solution included on your 24”x36”board. Between 250 and 500 words. Minimum 12 point font type. Tip: Be careful not to be too wordy. The judges have a lot of projects to get through. Make your words count, describe the project and its important parts, but don’t provide so much explanation that the reader’s eyes will glaze over. 500 words is about one page double spaced.
  • Images: Your submission should include visual representation of your project in one or more of the following ways (you do not need to provide all of these):
    • Photographs: Professional photographs are recommended, but not required. Tip: We encourage remodel submissions to include ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos.
    • Design drawings: (plans, elevations, details, etc.) showing layout and placement of features. Must include a scale or dimensions.
    • Renderings: Hand drawn or digital. Tip: include scale reference in your rendering, for example a person or quarter, or provide dimensions.
    • Digital representation of materials: (fabrics, finishes, color samples, etc.) Because actual sample boards will not be accepted for judging, you can show your material choices as pictures on your sheet. Do not include brands, manufacturers or source information. Tip: provide captio ns or short sentences describing the images for the judges.
  • Name of Project, Category & Submission Number: The name of your project can be whatever you like. Be sure to indicate the category you entered. Your submission number will be assigned to you once you have registered online. Please make your submission number easy to find for the judges.

AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION: Identification of the designer, company or sources will not be allowed anywhere on the submissions. Your opportunity to have your name on your project will be at the Awards Ceremony.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged and winners determined by professionals from the local community, as selected by the HDDC. All judging is done anonymously. Their decision will be final. The judges will use a point system guideline as follows:

___/20 Visual Appeal and Design Quality

___/15 Quality of Presentation

___/15 Appropriate use of color, texture, and/or materials

___/15 Design Statement

___/10 Supporting Information

___/10 Creativity/Innovation

___/10 Positive impact (within context)

___/5 Sustainability/Minimal Impact to the Environment

___/100 TOTAL All Categories – 100 points possible


$25 entry fee for HDDC members, and $50 for non-members. Payable via Paypal online at the time of registration. Your fees help to offset the cost of the event and help to further the excellent design that is all around us in Central Oregon. Fees are non-refundable.

Awards ceremony

Winners will be announced at the October 26th Awards Ceremony, Legum Design 922 NW Bond St., Bend. The event will start at 5:30 with refreshments and awards will be announced at approximately 6:30pm. If you are unable to attend, please have a representative there to accept your prize. If you can't attend, let the HDDC know by emailing thehddc@gmail.com. We’d like to avoid the awkward silence when we call out your name.

Awards Ceremony Presentation Board: This is different than what you will submit for the competition. These Awards Ceremony boards are optional. Entrants should bring their boards to the ceremony location the morning of the event. Board pick up is not later than 12pm, the day after the event (Oct. 27th).

The Awards Ceremony is your opportunity to have your name attached to your presentation board. Your presentation board can be any size/shape you want but fit within a 4ft wide by 6ft tall wall space. Keep in mind that they will need to be hung or sit on an easel. You may be required to bring your own easel because supplies are limited. Entrants are encouraged to bring their built furniture pieces or other moveable items for display as well. Notify the HDDC if you will need more space for your display, we will do our best to get everyone’s items accommodated at the event.