Member Spotlights

Members of the High Desert Design Council have the opportunity to host and attend "member spotlight" networking events. 

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What to Expect

Member networking events have been a very successful way to garner interest in both your business and the HDDC.  On average, 20+ people from the design industry attend these events.  The buzz created through social media, e-mail blasts and word of mouth has proved beneficial to past hosts.


how they work

Plan on starting the Member Spotlight at 5:30 pm. We’ve found if the events start too late, people go home after work and don’t go out again. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes at the beginning of the event for networking. Opening comments, usually by the President or Event Director, who then introduce the host and another other member spotlight participants. The HDDC will provide event flyers, e-blasts, and social media posts.


Presentation advice

One 20-minute presentation is optimum. In a co-hosted or multiple member spotlight, it’s probably best to keep presentations to 15 minutes. Stay focused on a topic of an educational nature, not “selling” your particular business. Allow an additional 15-20 minutes for a tour and question and answer session.



Estimated cost for food and drink varies depending on the type of event you wish to have. Many hosts provide simple snacks and some wine/beer, soft drinks and water. It doesn’t need to be elaborate–in fact typically the best events are simple!


If you have any questions regarding hosting or attending a member spotlight event, please contact us. We look forward to seeing your facility and learning more about your business!