2014 HDDC Design Competition Award Winners


commercial architecture

Nicole Michelle | Ascent Architecture

Nicole Michelle is a quaint retail store that focuses on providing unique home goods in a serene, homelike atmosphere. Turning this former video store into the boutique shop involved significant exterior and interior improvements. The project was a collaborative effort between the architect, the store/building owner and contractors.

To develop a more welcoming and interesting street façade, the architect designed a new portico over the front entrance that invites the visitor inside. Signage on the portico’s gable end announces the store, and a wide, graceful stairway provides a welcoming feel. In addition, a pair of new box bay windows flank the portico, providing interest and detail to the façade while creating a space for the owners to display various merchandise items on the inside. The exterior improvements were designed to fit the style of the existing building while providing additional character and improving the street presence.

Commercial Interior Design

Legum Design | Legum Design

Legum Design started business in beautiful Bend, OR in 2004. After many years of being on the industrial side of town, it was time to expand and find a new space. The opportunity arose to purchase and remodel a building in the sought after area of downtown Bend.

The old Bend Mapping Building had sat vacant and unused for some time. Despite it’s dilapidated state, potential owners, Jeannie and Keith Legum saw the potential of the space and decided to take on the daunting project. They worked with architect Darren Thomas to create a space that would be not only big enough for a team of designers, clients, and an extensive showcase of sample materials, but that would reveal the original beauty and charm of the building.

Owners, Jeannie & Keith Legum, took on the task of turning a dated, forgotten space into a bright, modern industrial showroom in the heart of downtown Bend, OR.

Residential Architecture

Three Pines Mountain View | D.E. Rink Construction

Built in 2013, this one story Modern Prairie Style home has full mountain view from the rear of the home.

This custom home has many exceptional features
• Reglet trim around the interior of the doors and windows
• Fully automated home which controls all shades, media, lighting and HVAC
• Exceptional tile accents
• Clear wooden beam hearth with a rectangular modern gas fireplace
• Extra-large master bathroom with free-standing tub, wall mounted tankless toilets, large curbless tile shower
• Outside is natural landscaping
• Mahogany exterior soffit on the large overhangs
• Large raised paver deck with a metal and cable railing

This beautiful home with private outdoor living space and views of the Western mountain skyline is truly comfortable and contemporary.

Landscape Design

Dojo Trellis | Stemach Design and Architecture

The design of this trellis is a modern abstraction of traditional Japanese timber construction including the stone foundation, carefully carved joinery, and tiered, layered levels of structure. The post was meticulously carved to match the face of the stone exactly, the planning of which considered which face of the stone was to be presented to the passerby and the orientation of the support column. The top lattice is comprised of straight lengths of 2x4s arranged in a way that suggests movement, depth and curvature.

The trellis serves to define the outdoor living space of Dojo’s entertainment area and highlight the patio and serving “area of influence” around Dojo’s Brooks Street location. The design of the trellis, while influenced by Japanese architecture, was also intended to give a nod of respect to the City of Bend’s established trellises around the Mirror Pond Plaza.

Furniture Design

Bubinga and Lacewood Coffee Table | Terre Steel

Terrasteel Furniture Design’s entry focused on designing interchangeable powder coated steel rods that can be easily exchanged from the piece, by client, to create a different ‘look’, or to match a desired decor. It may also serve as a signature piece around which a room theme may be established.

Over 2000 different powder coating colors are available and the steel rod diameter may be varied depending on the scale of the piece. A multitude of wood species are available for the top of the coffee table and side slats.

Our entry has a combination of Lacewood along two sides of the top with a Bubinga center. In this piece all of the slats are fabricated from Bubinga.

All of our materials are supplied by local businesses in Bend and Redmond, Oregon. We use the best quality materials, and purchase our wood from a local distributor which has used the same wood mills for over 25 years. This means the wood isn’t ‘poached’ and that there is a paper trail to the site and mill where the lumber was cut. None of our wood is on the “RED” endangered species list and we take pride in having our furniture truly custom built in Bend, Oregon.

Repurpose / Upcycle

Steel and Wood Table | Relic Workshop

Simple and built for utility, this table is constructed from welded angle iron, perforated steel and weathered reclaimed fir. Honest hardworking materials that stand the test of time. The brutal central Oregon sun and dust have left their scars on the wooden top.

It’s finished in a matte poly-acrylic that’s hardly noticeable. The angle iron and perforated steel have been blackened and coated in a matte high grade lacquer.

The table tells the story of a hard days work and provides a place to put up your feet when your chores are done.

functional art

Chic Chaley | Robert Johans

Chic Chalets transforms scrap wood products, cast-off aluminum, found tree branches, and off-the-shelf hardware into modern homes for modern birds.