2013 HDDC Design Competition Award Winners


commercial architecture

Madras City Hall and Police Station | Steele Associates

Commercial Architecture.png

Steele Associates generated the new Madras City Hall, Police Station, and plaza design through a highly interactive collaboration with the City to envision optimum development of the site and future facilities.

This building was constructed to replace the old Madras City Hall and Police Station. One of the challenges was designing the building as an essential facility. These facilities are required to meet special state codes, which enable them to remain functional during and after disasters in order to safeguard, protect and serve the community. The Training Room can double as a Command Center in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Commercial Interior Design

18 Oregon Remodel | Ambient Architecture

The owners of 18 NW Oregon sought to update the look and efficiency of their 30-plus-year-old office building in downtown Bend. Not only was the energy consumption of the building excessive, but prospective tenants found that the interior temperature fluctuations made the building uninviting and the outdated suites were unappealing. Ambient Architecture re-designed the exterior lobby and second floor spaces of this 8,000 square foot building to attract potential tenants.

Commercial Remodel

Wild Ride Brewing Company | Ambient Architecture

Commercial Remodel.png

The owners of this brewery approached Ambient Architecture (now Ascent Architecture) with a unique challenge; convert an abused, vacant lumber warehouse into a new production brewery and tasting room. With the desire of a modern exterior aesthetic and functional interior spaces to meet the needs of both production and retail sales, this project presented many challenges throughout the design process.

On the exterior, the design is meant to capture one’s eye and bring attention to the facility. After sitting vacant and featureless for so long in an active and busy area, the building was skipped over fairly easily when traveling down the one-way street adjacent to it. The designers took advantage of the size and orientation of the building by creating horizontal and vertical elements to break up the scale and to add modern flair. Also adding to the façade design, as well as aiding with the internal operations, large glass doors replace the industrial roll up doors of the past lumber facility to allow both light and visual penetration into the building.

Internally the design is based as much on function of the space as possible. With the large glass doors located on the building near the main traffic area, both the tasting room and brewing facility were internally placed in optimum position to take advantage of the daylight and visual stimulation. Brewing tanks are located just inside the largest glass door so that people may see the production in progress; the door will also open during warmer months to directly invite people to the facility. Likewise the tasting room’s glass door is operable so as the weather permits, the door will be opened and allow patrons to utilize the outdoor patio space.

Residential Architecture

Elder-Lorenzen Residence | Lorenzen Energy Consulting

This home was designed to maximize energy efficiency and use renewable energy.

residential interior design

Arrow House 125 | Sarah Phipps Design

The Arrow House started out its life as an unpermitted tiny one-room building with plywood walls and a rustic feel that could only be described as “early miner shack.” Sarah Phipps transformed this modest structure into a mini modern loft.

Residential Remodel / People's Choice

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 4.12.01 PM.png

A Kitchen Upscaled | Bezalel Interiors

Before renovation, the kitchen’s old upper cabinet blocked the outside view and created an obstacle. Bezalel Interiors sought to remove and modify the cabinet and eliminate unsightly task lighting cords.

The new cabinet recycles the old upper cabinet and creates space to store plates, wine and spices.

The new kitchen design opens up the view from the kitchen to the dining room and beyond.

A reclaimed redwood butcher block cutting board was inserted into the existing counter to make it level with the new counter height. Natural agate stone pendant lighting adds color and verve. An antique copper farmhouse sink makes a statement, complementing other antiques in the home. Dry stack stone is used on the back splash to create depth and warmth and bring the outdoors in.

Landscape Design

Deck System | Modern Fab

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 3.50.15 PM.png

Modernfab designed the deck system around the center fire pit, which represents the sun, heat and fire. Several other key design elements were important to make the outdoor living space functional, yet overall aesthetically pleasing.

The raised deck actually pushes out as afar as possible away from the house for usable space, but yet helps maintain the scale of the half-removed circle for the fire pit zone. The half circle part of the deck also acts as a sitting area to the fire pit at 18″ high to the gravel area. The sod opposite of the deck completes the circle and flows into the yard. The grass area can also be used with outdoor chairs to enjoy the fire pit.

The back focal wall incorporates a long, narrow built-in planter to anchor the deck system and tie into the cooking area. The grill area was created with a wide piece of flat sheet steel for an outer frame system. Concrete was cast into the steel frame and was prefabricated in a studio. Once the grill countertop system was complete, it was then installed like a floating countertop. The grill was purchased as a normal free-standing unit, but was installed like a built-in g rill to save money and achieve a custom look. The outdoor table was designed with a steel outer frame with concrete cast for the main surface. All vertical surfaces for the deck skirt, planter, and grill area are made from steel sheet metal with intent to rust.

product Design

Recreational Trailer | Modernfab

Modernfab designed a recreational trailer after months of searching on the market for a trailer that could haul the owner’s varied recreational equipment.

The need was very simple—a small family needed a trailer to transport three kayaks, three bicycles, and some camping gear. Modernfab began to design a trailer system that could easily accept three kayaks that are low and centered for loading and unloading. Modernfab placed the gear box at a spot that was accessible from all sides and located the three bikes at the rear to create an aerodynamic design with easy access. All items are much lower and more accessible than placing the gear on the typical roof rack of most cars / SUVs.

The recreational trailer is lightweight, lockable and campsite friendly. The lighting system utilizes LED lights for longer life, safety and more visibility. The product was designed, fabricated and assembled all by one individual.

furniture design

Chair, Bench, and Bar Stool | Tyson Staab

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 4.07.43 PM.png

custom fabrication

Patio Furniture and Fire Pit | Stemach Design and Architecture

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 4.10.03 PM.png

Located at the west end of the Breezeway in downtown Bend, Dojo (formerly Boken) underwent a significant expansion into the adjacent tenant space, and the opportunity to create a connected, outdoor patio space became available as a way of providing an ADA access path. The design goal of the patio was to create an intimate outdoor space for the diners, but be transparent enough to include the passers-by and the rest of the Mirror Pond square. The Stemach Design team considered a number of different patio edge treatment options, including a custom fence rail, and landed on the concept of benches to form the outer perimeter of the patio.

The benches and side tables were designed to be fabricated from single sheets of steel, cut out by a laser cutter and simply folded into shape. The shapes represented in the bench supports and table sides are abstracted from traditional Japanese architecture. The steel pieces were cut and shaped locally in Bend and bolted together on site.

The fire pit is intended to serve as a warming fire element and a stable surface to place food and drink. It is positioned adjacent to one bank of benches with space around to create a variety of seating options and can be enjoyed by a single large group of people or several, smaller groups. The fire element in the middle is banded by steel which prevents glasses and other items from accidentally rolling into the flames and provides some protection against burns for items sitting close by on the surrounding concrete.

Repurpose / Upcycle

Media Cabinet | Modernfab

The design intent for the media cabinet was based on using leftover wood remants from the powder bathroom. The remnants dictated the size and scale of the media cabinet. The client wanted the media cabinet to be as  large as possible, yet float off the floor for ease of cleaning and create a piece of furniture that appeared more custom by attaching to the wall.

Once the material was defined, it was very straightforward to design a system that would hold the electronic devices. The main structure was made from a steel tube frame acting as the skeleton for strength and attachment. The upcycled wood was attached with a finished nailgun to cross wood members connected with fasteners. The face of the media cabinet is framed with blackened, natural steel with a clear coat finish to enhance the color tones. The bi-passing doors are made from sheet metal as well that slide in the wood groove created with a table saw for a primitive track system.

Simple and refined, old, but new. Keeping it true.

functional art

Nest Pendant Fixture | Stemach Design and Architecture

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 3.52.05 PM.png

Designed for Mary Albright. Installed in the lobby of 18 NW Oregon in downtown Bend.